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The current pandemic has brought a lot of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity to the world. Work from Home (WFH) has become a reality and traditional places of work are losing relevance. Every organization must learn to adapt to the new normal and explore the right collaboration tools that drive efficiency, enable seamless communication, and are secure and reliable.

According to a survey conducted by CMR when the pandemic’s first wave was at its peak, there were teething enterprise challenges to ensure business continuity. These included challenges like lack of knowledge about co-workers’ availability and location (55%); disconnect between business process and communication applications (52%); and loss of business because of inability to reach decision makers on the first try (43%). Enterprises responded to the pandemic by building stop-gap infrastructure to meet the needs (93%), and provisions for increased bandwidth (36%). After the second wave though, organizations have clearly understood that they must move beyond stop-gap arrangements.

CIOs have their work cut out for themselves. They must now ensure that their organization’s technology backbone is geared up to tackle the pandemic’s resurgence and all similar occurrences in future. This is easier said than done, because a number of variables are involved.

This handbook compiles views of 9 CIOs and technology leaders from different industries on various aspects of digital collaboration.

We hope you find it useful and enjoy reading it!


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