Some features of a Smartphone need handholding from the brand to identify the use case – The Bothie feature by Nokia

Birender Singh

Birender Singh

Features of a Smartphone are mostly self explanatory and in certain cases it is left to users to evolve as many as additional use cases as they could and hence increase the productivity or overall value of a Smartphone they use.

However, some could be a bit of complicated where the brand has to do more than just introducing.  Bothie is one such feature, introduced and exclusive to Nokia, where the brand has to help the potential users realise the use cases.

The best use case of Bothie could be MoJo (Mobile Journalism) including the blogger communities who write on various domains, especially technology.  India along with the world is witnessing paradigm shift because of the digital proliferation.  The attitude as well as approach towards doing something is changing fast and the conventional is being disrupted not only by organic evolutions but inorganic surprises.  For instance, who would have imagined that the electric would become the most promising alternative energy source to petrol for cars.  Or the success in autonomous driving is making the driver irrelevant.  Now that is not just removing a person or a skill from the scene, but is going to influence the design and build of a car in the manner that many of us might not be able to conceptualise.

Similarly, going live has become so easy and potable that MoJo is not just an emerging trend but resulting in disruptive models where journalism is now possible on crowd sourcing model.  There is, at the same time, a lot of video replacing the traditional textual content and it might not be wrong to envision that the journalist of future would be doing more of broadcasting rather than story filing and editing.

Along with this, there is an increasingly growing base of bloggers, who primarily out of their hobby have emerged as credible influencers in their respective segments.  Technology, though takes the lead.  These have already started creating videos through Youtube channels where they have interactions or video reviews of devices and other products they showcase and have an opinion about.  Somewhere linked is also the rising trend of Social Journalism where ordinary citizens have now become the sources of latest information, almost in real time.

This rising change in the form and shape of journalism known to us is increasing the need for having equipment to shoot and broadcast.  This is where Bothie enabled Nokia Smartphones can offer an alternative to the equipment required for video shoots.  If an interview is to be captured in the traditional way, there have to be at least 2 cameras one facing the interviewee, and another focussed at the interviewer.  Then it would require editing and post production before broadcast.  Compared to this the Bothie feature can serve the same purpose where the viewers could experience the interactivity of the interactions in real time.  It could also let the reviewers and bloggers show up in the same frame while they review a product.

The point to make here is that some features despite appearing to be promising do not perhaps unleash power on their own.  These features may be strong propositions, but users might want to have some anchoring to be able to realise that hidden or intrinsic value.  This is where a brand brining such features needs to do more than announcing the feature. They have to let the users experience the use cases.  So must Nokia do with Bothie to make it popular as well as successful.