Textile Sector Should Come Under Uniform Tax

Birender Singh

Birender Singh

For the upliftment of the Economic Development of the Country, there needs to be a system where more experienced, qualified, and goal-oriented people make some policy decisions. The role of any association is to promote and develop commercial and industrial opportunities within its sphere of operation, to publicly voice members’ views on matters of common interest – apart from its focus on collaboration between companies.

For the Textile Industry, The Textile Association India, popularly known as TAI – plays as a right platform for technocrats and professionals of Textiles and Clothing in the world and promote scientific and technological knowledge globally with excellent service and fulfill the commitments.

In a chat with CMR, Ranbir Vij, President of The Textile Association India, speaks on the insights on their journey, challenges they face, the best way out to succeed, and much more here.

Q1. Can you tell us about your Association?

Ans. “The Textile Association (India) (TAI) is the foremost leading and largest National body of Textile Professionals of India, striving for the growth of India’s largest Textile Industry for over eight decades. Established on 9th April 1939, and as of today, the Association has more than 25,000 strong members with 26 affiliated Chapters (Units) spread throughout the length and breadth of the Country. We provide guidance and services of various kinds to the Textile Industry”.

Q2. We know you conduct events globally. Of course, great teamwork is involved. Can you share some input on that?

Ans. We have organized many memorable events through the various Units affiliated with the Association. TAI Organizes lectures, seminars, workshops, and conferences to disseminate helpful information on current interest topics to different industry segments.

Some of the most memorable events held are:

  • 76 All India Textile Conferences
  • First World Textile Conference (WTC) in 2011 at Mumbai,
  • 1st International Asian Textile Conference (ATC) in 1991
  • 7th International Asian Textile Conference (ATC) in 2003 in New Delhi,
  • Global Textile Congress 2015 with the support of Thailand in 2015 at Bangkok, Thailand,
  • Second World Textile Conference (WTC2) in 2016 at Mumbai,
  • South Asia Textile Summit in June 2017 in Mumbai,
  • First Global Higher Education Conclave “Global Innovators and Researchers Conclave (2018) at Murthal (Haryana)
  • First CEO Conclave’ Investment and Partnership Summit (2019) at Hyderabad,
  • Now World Textile Conference (WTC-3) is being organized in February 2023 at Ahmedabad,

Q3. Explain your relationships with the governments?

Ans. Most of the Conferences have been inaugurated by the most eminent and dynamic personalities of India like Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, Chief Ministers of the States, Governors, Secretary to the Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India, Vice Cancellers, etc.

Q4. How much importance do you give to education in the ever-growing textile sector?

Ans. TAI conducts the annual examinations of ATA (Associate-ship of the Textile Association) & GMTA (Graduate Member of the Textile Association) to grant Diplomas and Certificates of competency to the persons working in the Textile Industry by examination or by application. ATA is equivalent to Diploma, and GMTA is equivalent to a Degree course. ATA Exams started in 1954, and GMTA started in 1990.

Q5. Recognition is a must for anybody. How do you recognize and appreciate your fellow members?

Ans. TAI has instituted the various Awards conferred annually during the All India Textile Conference.

  • Hon. Membership:

This is conferred on Eminent Individuals for their contribution to the growth of the textile industry. First preference is given to the unit hosting the Annual All India Textile Conference to nominate the name for this prestigious award.

  • Hon. Fellowship of Textile Association (FTA):

This is awarded to Eminent Scientists & Researchers for significant contributions in the academic field. The object of awarding Hon. F.T.A. (Fellow of the Textile Association) is to honor and recognize the contribution made by an individual in the field of Textile Research/Textile Education/Research & Development etc. Since the main object of the Association is to promote educational activities and to work as the link between Industry and Research Association/Educational Institute. It is befitting that eminent persons are associated with our organization.

  • Industry Excellence Award:

This is awarded to Eminent Individuals for their significant contribution to the textile industry’s growth by those who may or may not be members of TAI. The persons to be nominated for this award could be any of India’s different fields or areas of textiles.

  • Textile Association Service Gold Medal:

This is awarded to Individual members of Office Bearers in recognition of their services to the Association at the national level.

The object of awarding every year service medal is to recognize and appreciate the long and dedicated service rendered by senior members of the Association at the national level. This award is considered the highest award of the Association, which gives due honor and respect to its members and sets an example for the coming generation to dedicate themselves to the service of the Association.

  • The Textile Association’s Service Mementos:

Two Nos. of awards are awarded to individuals for their services to the Association at the Unit level.

The object of giving these awards is to recognize members’ services rendered at the unit level. These awards are basically instituted to encourage people to render valuable service in promoting activities of the respective units. Two mementos will be awarded every year once.

  • Best Unit Award:

This is awarded for all-around best performance & activities done by the Bigger Units having more than 1000 memberships during the year. The running shield is awarded to one unit selected as the best performing unit every year to be presented at the time of the annual All India Textile Conference.

Another is awarded for a smaller Unit having less than 1000 members for all-around best performance & activities during the year. The running shield is awarded to one unit selected as the best performing unit every year to be presented at the time of the annual All India Textile Conference.

Q6. We hear that you give awards to even Authors who write books on the Textile Industry. Is that so?

Ans. Yes. We do give the Best Book Award:
This is awarded to the Author of the best textile book written during the year.
The books received for the above award are evaluated on the following aspects.

(1) Subject coverage [Give the scope of the book] 
(2) Insight – Depth in the subject area      
(3) Logical Organization of Text / Chapter / Subjection’s
(4) Usefulness to Industry
(5) Quality of Language
(6) Quality of Printing / Production     

Q7. Challenges are always Challenges to tackle. What your Association faces & your ideas to overcome?

Ans. There is currently an inverted duty structure in Man-Made fiber, which is unnecessary to block working capital and do much hassle to recover the blocked credit. The industry wants one GST rate. Also, there is no clarity on RoDTEP percentage against Export when we import the raw material against that Centre Textile policy is yet to come.

Q8. What are your admirable contributions to the Textile Industry & to the growth of our Country?

Ans. The Textile Association (India) has published a prestigious bi-monthly peer-reviewed technical Journal of the Textile Association since 1940. Journal is devoted to articles and papers of practical interest to technicians of all segments of the textile industry, which reaches around 4400 textile professionals directly and has a readership of more than 22000 readers. Journal of the Textile Association is available online (Digital) as an e-journal. Journal is being circulated to almost all critical decision-makers in the textile industry across the Textile, Apparel & Fashion sectors, Textile Educational and Research Institutes. TAI is also publishing its Monthly Newsletter.

Q9. What would be the contribution of the IT sector to the textile sector?

Ans. Future plans are to strengthen the units and make them self-sufficient to send monthly newspapers to all our members. Pertaining to our contribution to IT, we are helping the new young entrepreneur to do selling online. The continuous growth and development in textile technology are to be implemented. The industry by itself is growing day by day. Members’ Satisfaction is always the guiding principle in promoting the updated technology with a focus on service excellence. Identifying and recognizing the achievers in the field, getting their pieces of advice, and spreading it among the members.