India PoS Printer market records 55,322 unit shipments for 1H CY2014, registering an 8% sequential growth

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Epson retains leadership with 45% share of shipments

PoS System shipments decline 2% sequentially

New Delhi / Gurgaon: The India PoS (Point of Sale) Printer market witnessed growth of 8% in unit shipments (sales) for 1H CY2014 compared to the previous half year. However, the PoS Systems market recorded a 2% sequential decline in unit shipments for the same period. This was revealed in the CyberMedia Research report, CMR’s India Half Yearly PoS Market Review, 1H CY2014.

India PoS Printer Market Trends

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India PoS Printer shipments were driven by thermal printers, which contributed 68% of overall shipments in 1H CY2014 with an impressive 17% sequential growth over 2H CY 2013. Impact printers, which contributed 32% of shipments during the same period, observed an 8% sequential decline over the previous half-year due to reduced shipments by market leaders Epson and TVSe.

Epson led the overall India PoS Printer market with a 45% share in terms of unit shipments during 1H CY2014. However, the vendor registered an 8% decrease in absolute number of shipments during

1H CY2014 vis-à-vis 2H CY2013. TVSe maintained its position at the second spot.

“WeP, which had witnessed a decline in unit shipments during CY2013 due to delay in attaining mandatory BIS certifications managed to restore shipments to normal levels and drive industry growth in 1H CY2014”, said Narinder Kumar, Analyst, InfoTech Practice, CyberMedia Research.

Epson’s thermal printer model TM-T81 was the top-selling PoS printer during 1H CY2014 with a 15% market share contribution in terms of unit shipments, followed by the TVSe impact printer model RP-45.

 “Traction towards thermal technology based printers was evident in 1H CY2014, largely driven by the growth witnessed in the fast food and fine dining restaurant segments. Fast food segment was the leading consumer of PoS printers with a 23% market share by unit shipments in 1H CY2014, an 18% sequential growth over 2H CY2013”, added Narinder.

India PoS Systems Market Trends

The India PoS Systems market witnessed a sequential decline in unit shipments of the order of 2% in 1H CY2014 vis-à-vis 2H CY2013. This decline can be attributed to postponement of deals from the Government sector. The market was affected by the multi-phase general elections held in April-May of CY2014.

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Posiflex maintained its market leadership in PoS Systems with 27% contribution in terms of unit shipments during 1H CY2014, followed by NEC and Essae.

Hypermarkets / Supermarkets were leading consumers of PoS Systems, accounting for half of PoS System shipments in India during 1H CY2014. Again, postponement of decision-making on deals from the Government sector affected the market. The Average Sales Price (ASP) for 1H CY2014 increased sequentially by 1% due to market movement towards touch-screen based systems that are more expensive compared to non-touch based systems.

“PoS systems market is likely see growth owing to improved demand from the growing fine dining and fast food segments, which are also leading drivers of touch screen based PoS systems. Firming up of plans and demand from the Government sector can further aid the growth story of the India PoS Systems market”, Narinder concluded.

Notes for Editors

  1. CyberMedia Research (CMR) is a pioneering market intelligence and consulting firm that runs a comprehensive half yearly market update on the India PoS market. CMR’s India Half Yearly PoS Market Review tracks and studies shipment trends for PoS Printers and PoS Systems. The numbers reported in this study do not include ‘parallel’ imports or ‘grey’ market sales for the above-mentioned form factors.
  2. CMR uses the term “shipments” to describe the number of PoS systems and PoS printers leaving the factory premises for OEM sales or stocking by distributors and retailers. For the convenience of media, the term shipment is sometimes used interchangeably with ‘sales’ in the press release, but this reflects the market size in terms of units of PoS systems and PoS printers. In the case of PoS systems and PoS printers imported into the country, “shipments” refers to the numbers leaving the first warehouse to OEMs, distributors and retailers.
  3. CMR tracks shipments of PoS systems and PoS printers for the India market on a half-year basis.